Tuesday, April 28, 2009

what a crock

Very disappointed! As I was checking on dinner's progress at lunch I discovered my bowl for the slow-cooker has developed two cracks on the outside edges - not happy Jan! When I called customer service to ask after the cost of a replacement I was informed that it would cost $49.83 for a new bowl. Considering that the whole slow cooker cost $55 on sale less than two years ago I think NOT! 

I've been careful with it, mind. It's not that cracks have developed due to my lackadaisical level of care. This is planned obsolescence of the highest order. 

So I've got my fingers crossed that the cracks don't lengthen into the bowl in this cooking - and then I'm going to think about how I can patch it until I buy a new slow-cooker - a different brand with a better bowl!


  1. You didn't have a stack to make your crock's crack? Simple as white and black, take it back. Give them some flack and don't take no slack that they might deliver to any other hack.

    Ahem. Sorry. Been dealing with the GenYs again today and can only talk in Dr Seuss.

  2. I respond well to Theodore... Continue

  3. I swear crocks have gone down in quality. I hate my current one but until it dies I can't bear to go buy a new one.


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