Tuesday, April 21, 2009

woo hoo drew

I caught Drew on Ellen last night, and oh, I adore that girl. I love how she's thrown herself into her character for Grey Gardens {which I will DIE if I can't find on-line - or if they don't screen it in Australia asap!} The dedication and respect she's shown to Little Edie is humbling. 

She's also a rare performer, one who's giving of themselves in order to help her film perform. Her frocks, hair and make-up during the press tour for Grey Gardens have been sublime. I can't imagine myself wearing them, but they've worked as pieces of art and the strength of her personality allows them to shine.

Drew's Oscar de la Renta frock on Ellen last night though, oh my. Delicious. Apparently they're auctioning it on ebay to raise funds for the American Humane Society - it's got to raise a bucketload of cash for prettiness sake.

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