Friday, June 05, 2009

easily pleased

The latest BlogThis challenge made me realise how little I need to make me happy. Starting off the day with a great cup of coffee, baking, entertaining or giggling at my gal all make me smile. Clean sheets {preferably lavender-scented}, a reason to get frocked up and made-up, when my hubby smiles and tells me he loves me, cooking a great meal that has my family or friends in raptures, following facebook status updates that give me a little insight into my friends' worlds, discovering new blogs and kindred spirits, immersing myself in a fabulous novel, pretty coloured toenails...

Oh yes, the list can go on and on {and make me realise that I'm kinda cheating - the challenge was meant to be a visual one... Oh well, I'm sure it's also meant to make you grateful}. Today I'm blissfully happy that the sky is blue. I have one set of sheets already on the line and another in the machine ready to hang. Next I'm going to take my time and make myself a lovely cup of tea - I've finally acknowledged that no butler is going to come along and make one for me!

For my break today I'm going to duck out into the sunshine and pull a few weeds. After all that rain they're bound to come out with no effort at all - leaving me proud of my work with very little strain.

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