Thursday, June 04, 2009

fade the grey

Okay, it's winter, I'll run with that. But seriously, does it have to be so grey, miserable and drizzly? I'm in Australia by jingo - what is Australia if not a blue-sky wonderland? So to banish my seasonally-affected blues I've gone for a true colour pop for this week's Shoe Of The Week. A little Magenta is always a good thing {side story: when I used to go to the weekly midnight screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show I always went as Magenta. A couple of packs of burgundy semi-permanent, a brush of my curly hair to make it wild and frizzy, and a slash of scarlet lipstick and I was ready to find my Doctor Frank N Furter...} Ooh, now these shoes have got me all hot and flustered...


  1. I am a total Rocky Horror freak too! Awesome shoes ;)

  2. I'm pretty sure I could re-enact the entire film, word-for-word. Also managed to see most of the stage productions {not the new ones in Casinos though...}

    And I adore those shoes, shame I'm about to put on dodgy old ones for the soggy school pick-up!


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