Friday, June 26, 2009

frugal friday - having an ouch moment

Well, we got our tax bills from our accountant today - yes, bills, not refunds. Luckily they're less than we expected, but still, we've got to cough up. So that means going even harder on the frugal front. How? Well, we're going alcohol-free for a few weeks from this Sunday {after having guests on Saturday night for a last hurrah...}. I'm going to look at how I can keep shaving money off the shopping bill and am busting a few blood vessels chasing more work at the moment.

Foxtel's going to get cut to the minimum. The movie channels have to go because there's never anything I want to watch when I want to watch it - and lately the only films I have watched have made me angry or sad {Nights in Rodanthe I'm looking at you!}.

Food-wise I want wastage to be at zero, zilch, nada, none. I'm going to make myself up a little compost somewhere so I can actually put all our piles of coffee grounds to good use so I have lovely lush compost when I do eventually get my vegie garden.

Exotic ingredients are a no-no {so I shan't be importing pigeons and perigord truffles to replicate a MasterChef dish - although it did look absolutely amazing!}.

No air-conditioning during the day while I'm working - and I'm keeping the thermostat down at night and adding more blankets so when I turn it off when we head to bed we'll stay all toasty.

From now on it's all about making-do.


  1. Used White Pages make great personal address books. Just cross out the people you don't know.

    A Grey Area - Helping till it hurts.

  2. You get funnier every week. I'm not stopping frugal friday just so I can keep up with your comments...

  3. If you have a dryer, you can stop using it. Will do wonders for your power bill. Either that or get your daughter to start working part time at a burger joint?!
    Methinks no shoe shopping for a while either.
    Best of luck. xx

  4. PTT I'm an avid line drying fan - before I even thought about electricity bills and greenhouse gasses i loved pegging out clothes to dry in the sunshine and breeze.
    But yes, no shoe shopping - sadness...


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