Friday, June 12, 2009

frugal friday

Nowadays I'm looking for items with more than one use. Lavender oil for example. Smells purdy - has dozens of uses...

• Mix a few drops into a bottle of water and it's a swish-smelling multi-purpose cleaner, great for swiping down the bench tops or the bathroom vanity

• Again mix it with water and spray it on as an insect repellent

• A few drops in your rinse water, or in your fabric softener zone, will leave clothes smelling like the South of France

• A drop on your temples can relive sinus or headaches

• A couple of drops on a cotton ball can remove sticky residue from stickers etc

• A few drops on a cloth, rubbed over a cold light globe will help infuse the room with scent when the light's turned on - repelling mozzies and helping you get a good night's sleep

• Mix some milk powder with a couple of drops of lavender {and some lavender petals if you grow it} for a milk bath solution that'd make Cleopatra turn green

• Nasty pimple? A little lavender oil on the end of a cotton bud applied in the middle will see it to its death in the nicest way

• A handful of sea salt, a sploodge of olive oil and a few drops of lavender and you have a scrummy body scrub

• I always mop my floors with hot water with a couple of drops of essential oils and lavender's a must for the bedroom

• and finally, for really sweet dreams, a few drops of lavender oil on a cotton ball, placed under the bottom sheet near the pillow, welcomes the sandman in the most scentsational way...

What's your multi-purpose fave?


  1. I used to use a few drops of lavender oil in my washing powder when washing cloth nappies way back when... Also a few drops on your pillow when changing your linen, helps for a restful nights' sleep. xx

  2. I've got my little lavender bottles everywhere - but how nice for your baby's bottoms to be smelling so sweet - wonder if it helped with nappy rash too? I used cloth nappies till my gal started walking and she didn't have a spot of nappy rash with the cloth - but boy, I had to watch it with the huggies!

    Hope you're enjoying this frosty friday!

  3. Save a fortune on laundry bills by giving your dirty shirts to charity. They will wash and iron them and you can buy them back for a few dollars.

  4. You know the best thing about Frugal Friday? A Grey Area making me cack my daks {now, while said charity wash and press those?}


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