Friday, June 19, 2009

frugal friday

Wow, really, another week? Goodness me. I've had my mum and step-dad up this week, testing out my frugal skills by cooking vegetarian for them {and testing out my brain: 20 years of vegetarianism - three years of avid carnivorism = a brain designed to come up with meat-heavy dishes...} That said, we've had pizza, where the broccoli, marinated mushroom and blue cheese number was a winner. I made individual shephards pies - with a french lentil and veg mix for the vegos {leftover shredded seven-hour lamb for us} and last night caramelised onion, pumpkin, feta and pine nut pasta {soooooo good}.

I've bought very little, been able to use ingredients in my cupboard and am happy to make-do where possible. For example, last night there weren't quite enough pine nuts to roast, so we threw in some shelled pistachios as well. Mmmmmm.

I've also been hunting down bargains. I just bought a loaf of heavily seeded, light rye sourdough for $3.60 - rather than the ridonculously expensive $6 loaf I tend to go for {it does last for days, so at least cost per meal is cheap...}

Last night I sat down and went through our Entertainment Book, bought as a fundraiser for our daughter's school. Obviously the big attraction is the meal vouchers at restaurants around time - buy one main get one free is always a good idea - but I'm also checking out the other offers to see where I can save.

We're also co-opting anyone into slavery we can. While my parents are up my step-dad's laying down a concrete path around the side of the house to be paved over once we save for the pavers, mum's doing some sewing, cleaning and plenty of one-on-one time with my gal. My mother-in-law mended one pair of hubby's work pants that were beyond my rudimentary sewing skills and father-in-law can polish school shoes and trainers so they look like new.

This week we also found a fabulouso accounted who's taken care of our tax and given us some really good financial advice. Yay!


  1. Tomorrow I'm posting a recipe that used up a bunch of leftover veggies and canned things! Yum! Cheap and good! I also started watching the local adverts a bit more carefully, and managed to see that our local grocery was having a huge produce, frozen foods, and meat sale today. I got a bunch of foods to fill our freezer and cupboards so we're eating decently once Owen arrives, and some darned decent produce to turn into more fruit crumble and cheap sides for the next week. Who can beat fresh ears of corn 4 for $1? Whole chickens for $2.50- from local butchers? Or bags of lima beans and peas for less than $1? NOT ME!

  2. I know- it was the furthest $70 worth of groceries every got me. Usually that very little food, surprisingly but I was on a mission this time.


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