Tuesday, June 02, 2009

full flavoured

We had mexican for dinner last night {one of my easy family faves} and in a bid to eat more healthily and slash surplus kilos, my hubby bought an extra, extra light sour cream. Eeeuw. So not worth it. I'd prefer to eat a little of something fabulous than load up on that heavily-processed 'lite' stuff. 

Every few months or so I get all worked up and order my coffee with skim milk - then taste it and quickly vow to go back to regular milk. Skim milk gives the coffee a totally different flavour - and as I have a super-sensitive sense of smell I know what I'm getting as soon as I raise that cup to my lips. Nope, I'd prefer to drink espressos than have a skim cap.

When it comes to chicken I prefer thigh meat over breast, and roast pork ain't pork without a serve of crackling. 

I recently read that Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen's {spelling probably all wrong, but you know, the designer from Britain - Changing Rooms and all that} wife recently shed a bucketload of kilos - with a controversial diet that effectively swaps all meals for shakes and bars. Now, shakes and bars just get my goat up. I remember when I was in high school, dieting to get my perfectly thin and healthy size 10 body down to an 8, and I bought some Limmits meal replacement biscuits. Gross. I ate them, looked for my cup of tea, and then promptly ate a meal afterwards. A biscuit is never a meal...

And while I've had the odd smoothie for breakfast I don't consider a shake an appropriate meal either. Sorry to come over all judgemental, but I love food, love cooking and love feeling healthy and reckon that it's possible to combine all three. 

I'd rather eat a little of what I fancy, drink plenty of water and walk every day to stay healthy. When it comes to food, I like to keep it real. Sure, it'll take me longer to get to a goal weight - but when I'm there, I reckon I'll find it easier to stay there. 


  1. I'd rather eat a nice big salad loaded with yummy veg, and a small piece of delicious bread along with a small-to-normal portion of full flavor, full fat meat when I'm trying to shed pounds than things like diet shakes and prepackaged diet meals.

    I do drink skim milk because I drink loads of milk every day, but for caps, breves, lattes, you can't pay me to go below 2%. I tried fat free half-n-half for awhile, it was putrid. You don't need a gallon of cream in your coffee anyhow.

    People don't understand that real cooking doesn't make you "fat". Processed food, shortcut cooking using processed foods, eating out constantly, sitting on one's bum all the time, thats what makes you fat. If I ate a slab of homemade cake everyday I would still weigh less than if I ate the equivalent in twinkies and snack cakes.

    There is a place for processed food in everyones lives. IN SMALL QUANTITIES. I was just reading that poor people used to be thin and the rich fat, now its the total opposite. Interesting.

  2. Yep -it's all about keeping it real. And that's such an interesting comment about rich and poor!

  3. I know! I read it in my anatomy and physiology book, of all places! I may blog about it.


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