Wednesday, June 17, 2009

going off

I just went one hour and 23 minutes without an internet connection, which promptly made me realise I was addicted to the damned thing. Seriously, if I'd turned on a tap and there was no water I'd shrug and realise that it'd come back on eventually - but my internet? Oh, I refreshed, checked mail, re-started, pushed in every single plug that seemed remotely connected to my mac, and had more than a small whizzy.

It's back now, so I can settle down. Whew.


  1. We just had the same thing at work, no net for 2 hours...I didn't know what to do with myself, couldn't send emails and couldn't get any 'work' done. I'm now starting to wonder what we ever did before the internet!

  2. Horrid wasn't it! I've always said how reliant I am on the internet - this just proved it!

  3. hehe. i was just about to study and was going to search the mac uni databases and it went down. devo. when it came back on the first thing i did was twitter my disgust and how upset i was. lol. iv got one of my 23 before im 23 things as going without my laptop and phone for a whole week. not sure il last but il attempt. :)

  4. Totally! I find that i am having to make myself get off the laptop just to go to bed! I couldn't even get the internet on my phone to check a book for my customer and I was sooky! Good luck with no laptop and phone for a week Carly! I don't know if I could do it. I can do the phone, but I don't know about the laptop.

  5. I feel your pain- sadly I too am addicted to the internet.

    Am going to have try and curb the habit some day!


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