Thursday, June 11, 2009

louby douby doo

On this uber-frosty morning I thought I'd turn up the heat with these red-hot-mamas. I'm loving on the sleek lines, that glorious shade and the teeteringly high heels. Imagine them with a purple pencil skirt... Mmmmm.


  1. ooooh. I spied a pair of deep red peep toe platforms when my first daughter was about 8 months old. Despite my utter desperation to have them, I put them out of my mind because they were just too high and impractical for a SAHM.

    Then they went on sale for $70! $70! That's practically free. You better believe I was lined up at the door.

    They now have pride of place in my shoe collection and, although I reckon I've worn them less than five times in two years, they've paid for themselves already...

  2. Every gal needs a pair of ooh la la shoes - glad you got yours! Loving the sale aspect too!!

  3. Imagine them with a grey sweater dress or a chocolate brown pencil skirt. Ooooooh or tweed pants and a creamy sweater with a cute little striped oxford underneath it. I'm imagining a bit of Brit sex appeal.

  4. Yes, Sara Rose, I reckon that these would look mighty fine with all those outfits. Aren't we lucky that we can live vicariously through our own and each other's imaginations!

  5. Oooh. How cold was it today. All I could think about was layers and layers of clothing. Soooo cold.

    I tagged you on my blog:


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