Sunday, June 21, 2009

many hands

Having my mum and step-dad up has not only made for a spot of lovely family-time, it's also meant we've got heaps done around the house. Because my mum's taken on full-time 'taking care of grandchild' business and done a lot of cleaning, and as my step-dad's paving and working out drainage by the pool room and up the side of the house, it's meant I've been able to get the odd job done, while my husbandarooni has been an utter legend and has weeded all the front gardens and pruned, fed and mulched the roses - a mammoth task!

So, to celebrate, we're off to dinner tonight. Our gal's going out for dinner with one of her bestest of friends {and her family, naturally}, so we'll wander down to a local eatery with a nice bottle of red or two and nibble on some of Newcastle's finest. Now, if there's soft shell crab as a starter I'll be putting my hands up for that. And a nice rare steak for a main? Don't mind if I do...

Tomorrow friends of my parents are coming for lunch. I think a nice frittata, salad followed by sour cherry and walnut bread with coffee is the way to go.

They're headed home on Tuesday, which will be sad. The only consolation in them living so far away is that at least when they do visit - it's intensive.

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