Wednesday, June 24, 2009

meal planning

Whew, my parents have gone home and I can get back to my usual meat-filled menus. While I did enjoy coming up with some vegetarian creations {the zucchini and haloumi fritters with aioli were a hit!} the carnivore within needs some stoking. So here's what's cooking in PPMJ's household this week - after some serious browsing at

Wednesday: strictly comfort food: sausages, mash, gravy and green beans

Thursday: beef casserole with parmesan dumplings, cauliflower and mushy peas

Friday: chicken and potato provencale

Saturday: friends to dinner so I'm cooking up a pork belly feast. Mmmmm, pork belly... served with lavender creme brulee {thanks MasterChef - my gal decided this was a must-cook}

Sunday: spaghetti bolognaise in the slow cooker {big day of household chores, this'll make us happy when we schlep in at 5.30pm.}

Monday: garlic, lemon and oregano lamb in the slow cooker - with braised French lentils and roasted broccolini

Tuesday: Spanish chicken - heavy on the chorizo with a spinach rice pilaf

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