Tuesday, June 16, 2009

motorin' mama

I'm unusual for a girl in that I really like cars. My head will swivel at the sight of a cool set of wheels - particularly vintage ones, with fins. Despite this, since having a child I've gone all sensible with my wheels. When hubby and I met he owned a cute little Morris Minor and I was restoring a pale grey and white vauxhall cresta {it had fins, whitewall tyres, red leather interior and was a hydromatic - you know, like Greased Lightening...}

So, here I am, a bit of a rev-head yet our two cars are teeny little silver sensible numbers, a hyundai getz and a holden astra - five and eight years old respectively. And I was fine with that. Until today. Today I went to pickup the hire car I'm entitled to under my car's policy {yay Aami!} and emitted a 'kwoar' of delight when I spied what I was driving - a brand new, black Holden Astra.

Oh my.

Anyways, I got behind the wheel and am pretty sure I looked just like Ferris when he slid into the driver's seat of Cameron's dad's car. Sweet.

That's it, I'm smitten. I'm now in new car love, and am pretty sure there will be a petulant pout on these lips when time comes to hand back Black Beauty {yep, already named her} and get back into Old Grey Mare {my new name for my old silver car...}

I'll just enjoy it while it lasts I guess...

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