Thursday, June 04, 2009

new scentsations

To me, there is no point in a bunch of sweet peas, hyacinths, freesias or roses unless they have an intoxicating scent. Yes, they are pretty just to look at, but when I bury my nose in expectation in a bouquet and come up wanting I feel utterly cheated. 

I called at my local florist the other day and was disappointed by bunch after bunch of these blooms, all promising, and yet not delivering. I felt sorry for the poor florist, surrounded by petals but bereft of any perfume. The worst was when I spied two pretty little nosegays of violets. I flung my face into them only to feel smacked in return when absolutely nothing filled my nostrils.

Same with food. When I bite into a strawberry I want it to smell and taste like a strawberry - rich and luscious. Bringing a hunk of cheese to my lips I need to smell it even before it hits my tastebuds. Surely it's wrong to deny any of the senses. And I reckon that some of them work in tandem. For me, if I can't become excited by the exquisite aroma of a food before I take my first bite, chances are I'm not going to end up satisfied.

That's why I can't wait to grow my own vegies. Pulling real onions from the soil, plucking a rich, red tomato from the vine and harvesting exquisite explosions of real strawberry flavour will make me very happy indeed.

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  1. Preaching to the choir honey, preaching to the choir. The first "real tomatoes", as I like to call them are slowly hitting the stands at the grocery and last night we had violently delicious tomato salad. Strawberry season is starting here so we are starting to see some really good ones. I personally cannot wait for my tomoatoes, strawberries, peppers, and herbs to really take off. Last night I used some of my thai purple basil in the tomato salad I made and it made the difference between very good and heavenly delicious. If this were my own yard, I'd have a huge veg patch, herb garden, and berry patch, just like both my grandmas.


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