Friday, June 12, 2009

no boys allowed

Hubby's off on a golfing weekend {Heaven help the town of Terrigal} so my gal and I have a big weekend of being girly together. We're starting off by having some friends over for afternoon tea and then we're having a special dinner - as per my gal's request. Unlike most nine-year-olds she's asked for duck confit, potatoes cooked in duck fat and green beans with toasted almond slivers {she'll eat the almonds and leave the beans of course!}. Luckily I had two pieces of confit duck in the freezer {as you do... it was from the 12 pack I bought and loved} so that's defrosting.

We'll do our nails, watch a movie - then she can have a sleepover with me {yep, no night's rest for me next to that little windmill!} Saturday will start off with netball - with her grandparents coming down to watch. Then they'll pop back here for morning tea {oooh yeah - a lot of baking - scones this time, quick and easy and delish} followed by an afternoon of bike-riding, visiting the beach and finishing off her assignment. Saturday night we'll go out for dinner - her choice again {second choice - her first was the french Bistro Tartine - second the gourmet burger bar - more in budget!} and once she falls asleep I'm going to make myself an enormous hot chocolate and settle in to watch a good girly film.

Sunday we'll get up and make breakfast {eggy bread and bacon perhaps} and rug up and eat it in the pavilion by the pool before greeting hubby when he comes home...

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