Monday, June 08, 2009

off the shelf

Hey, you know how we've been decluttering like our lives depended on it lately? Well, I kinda cluttered up again today. But in a good way. 

See, I've had a few boxes of books stored at my in-laws, and they're also in decluttering mode, so I said I'd check out what I had in their loft. Hubby climbed up and found - books. Lots and lots and lots of books. But oh, what books. 

All my old classics are there, even ones I've subsequently replaced {such as Perfume, by Patrick Suskind, love that book}. I found some gorgeous hard cover stuff, some 50s and 60s girls annuals and plenty of classic children's books that'll be just perfect for my daughter {including a 1950s hardcover version of Little Women - sigh!}.

All the more impetus to get those floor to ceiling bookshelves built. Then, I'm 100 per cent sure, my life will be complete...


  1. I REALLY need that room. I REALLY NEED ceiling to floor bookcases and a library. THIS IS ESSENTIAL.

  2. I know - me too. Can you imagine how happy you'd be just knowing you had it - and then, walking in, climbing the ladder to select your bedtime story...

    Oh my.


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