Friday, June 12, 2009

sew excited

Chances are that I've mentioned before how my husband just tunes out ads - never, ever pays attention to them. Not me. Oh no, the opening seconds and I can tell you exactly what it's all about - particularly if it's an ad I loathe.

Anywhaddle, I was just tidying the living room, TV still on after I'd watched a few minutes of SATC over lunch {had to stop - it was the one where Carrie and Big have the affair - hate that almost as much as Berger...} and I heard the opening for a Project Runway Australia ad. Thinking it was just the usual, I wandered out, hands full of little bits of my daughter's stuff to return to her room, and when I came back in realised that they were SHOWING THE NEW CONTESTANTS!!!!!!!!!!!  Dammit. I caught a quick flash and am already feeling excited. Sure, nobody can ever eclipse the love I feel for Leigh {my husband was dead-over my crush on him by the end of the series} but still, looking diverse and interesting.

July 8 - off to get that date tattooed on my brain.


  1. HANGING for this too - thanks for the reminder of the date. Was Berger really that bad? I always kind of liked him even though he was an arsehole. My friends have never understood this. Oh, and I tagged you over at my blog I am enjoying your blog!

  2. I couldn't bear Berger for some reason - I think it stemmed from the Carnations!

    Thanks for the tag! Isn't it great discovering all these new blogs!!

  3. My most favourite show EVER. I am Foxtel-less but managed to watch the entire 1st Oz season on you tube (shhh ... don't tell anyone).

    I love love love Julie! She oozes style. I planned an entire work trip to BrisVegas around trying to fit in a trip to her store which was on the outskirts of the city I think. Alas, didn't make it.

    I do love Leigh too - so fabulius and camp. Hated that older woman with a passion (the frock lady - what a bragger ... with awful designs).

    I also saw Petrova in front of her shop when I was in Melbs and got entirely star struck! Again a work trip where I ran out of time to run in.

    Hopefully you do some PR Oz posts on her - I'm totally there :)

  4. Like Permanently 23 I also don't have Foxtel but did the You Tube cheat for the whole series as well.

    I think Leigh must have a tonne of fans out there as I LOVED him too.

    I was always annoyed that Petrova beat Lui to get into the final 3.

    Can't wait for the new season!!!


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