Tuesday, June 09, 2009

a simple plan

For years I was a disorganised mess. If you'd asked me, I would have told you that despite all the chaos, I knew where everything was and was totally under control. I would have been lying {to myself, as well as you}. Now that I'm getting things sorted I'm finding that so many other things are slotting into place. Sitting down for five to ten minutes early in the week to work out a menu plan sounds like a girly swot thing to do, but it spills over into every aspect of my life.

Firstly, as I've mentioned, I don't have to stress every afternoon about what I'm going to cook. 
Secondly, there's little to no food waste as I only buy exactly what I need.
Thirdly, we're having really well-balanced meals.
Finally, I'm saving heaps of money.

Today, I've just written up my menu plan and have worked out that I only need to go to the supermarket to buy dishwasher tablets and washing liquid - that's it. I have plenty of cat food, and all the ingredients I need to make my weekly meals. Anything I need I'm buying fresh from my local butcher and fruit and veg shop. Happy!

Here's what we're having:
last night: butter chicken, rice, wilted greens, pappadums 
tonight: proscuitto-wrapped pork scotch fillet {with maple syrup glaze}, roasted root veg and greens
wednesday: beef and beer stew in slow cooker with mash and steamed greens
thursday: lamb shanks, braised french lentils, pumpkin mash and roasted broccoli
friday: my gal and I are headed out to dinner as my hubby's off on a golfing weekend
saturday: home-made pizzas on the bbq
sunday: lemon and thyme roasted chicken and veg

I only have to go to the service station to buy milk and bread {they've got deals on which make it cheaper than Coles} and stop off at my local stores every few days. The best thing is that this means I can walk and save the car trips for ballet drop-offs and netball training.

I've also got a friend and her kiddies coming over on Friday afternoon, so I'm about to make up a batch of home-made sausage rolls to freeze. I've got quite a few leftover sausages from the weekend, so I'll remove the skin, pop em in some puff pastry and freeze them ready to serve on friday afternoon. I'll also bake up something yummy for afternoon tea - but I'm pretty sure I'll have whatever I need in the pantry and fridge. Feeling mighty frugal on this Tuesday morning!


  1. Come be my personal cook. I'd rather be eating what you're making any day.

  2. Same goes here lady, I'm loving on all your food too. Desperate to make succotash now {If only for my continual Sylvester comments of "Sufferin' Succotash..."}


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