Friday, June 05, 2009

slowly does it

If I counted up how many times each day I uttered the words, "hurry up", or "C'mon, quickly" or even "Quick sticks - let's go" to my daughter I'm pretty sure I'd be horrified. So to start the long-weekend off on a good note I'm going to walk down to the school pick up and then we'll meander down to the beach to see if we can spot any migrating whales. I'll let her order whatever she wants from the café {in her own time!} and then we'll hang around, or not, whatever she's in the mood for.

When she was a teeny toddler we'd often go for a walk around the block and I'd be happy to go at her pace while she checked out flowers, picked up stones to put in her pocket {I know! So Amelie!!} and chattered away. Now, with school, netball, ballet, homework, playdates and all our stuff - work, housework, netball, socialising! - rushing seems to be the order of the day. 

Well not today. I've made a tomato sauce and baked some meatballs and now they're all simmering in the slow cooker. The sheets are washed, so I'll bring them in, make the beds and the afternoon will be all my gal's. 

Fingers crossed we'll spot some whales - or at least some surfing dolphins!


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  2. Thanks Kevin, even the beach itself is gorgeous, so at least there's that!

  3. That sounds like a lovely way to spend the afternoon :)
    *fingers crossed* for whales or dolphins

  4. Eva has an entire collection of stones she picks up and keeps on the porch in a little straight line. She also loves to pick dandelions just for the joy of itting on our porch stairs and blowing hundreds of them. It's darling but hard for me to remember just to let her do these things and enjoy her little life.


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