Sunday, June 21, 2009

smells like team spirit

Ten games in and my gorgeous little netball team still have yet to win a game, or come close. It's hard ranking at the bottom of the grade, but they're such a divine team that there's still a fighting spirit and enthusiasm with each game. We played two games this weekend, and in yesterday's game we actually won the fourth quarter four goals to three. My girls didn't give up.

It's hard losing week after week, but they are becoming much better players for it {although it's a tough concept for nine and 10 year olds to grasp...} They play like winners though, every single game.

The graders game around to watch the game yesterday and I expressed a wish for my girls to stay together as a team next year. They've bonded so well, have developed lovely friendships and have a team spirit that'd rival the Australian Diamonds. Every week I watch each player do at least one exceptional thing. I spend most of the game calling out praise - and it's not tough to find something to praise - these girls put their all into their game.

I consider myself blessed to have the opportunity to coach such a lovely team. They've taught me so much this year. Go HotShots!

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