Monday, June 01, 2009

snuggle time

After all the cleansing and tidying of our house on the weekend it was time to take stock. Hubby and I had a good look around the study and worked out where we wanted the wall of bookshelves and where I could fit a nice, squishy sofa. Then I let him in on my secret fear...

See, our house had been renovated by someone else. Before they did some pretty amazing things, the house only had one teeny porch on the front - and no return veranda. Now, this return veranda runs up to the study - with a door leading off. And here's where my fear kicked in. I started to wonder if half the study was an extension, and if so, I was guessing that it didn't have the lovely wide floorboards present in the rest of the house - floorboards I ache to paint white. 

So we tentatively eased up a corner of the ugly carpet to reveal. Masonite. Yep, fears realised. Surprisingly I didn't cry. Hubby's told me we can look for pretty carpet to replace the ugly beige berber {maybe even lavender or a colour that will cheer me up}. Maybe I'll just have to paint the boards in our bedrooms...


  1. Girl, masonite is nothing compared to my faux marble hunter green counters that are basically peel and stick stuff similar to linoleum tiles. I have the same stuff in my bathrooms- marble with wedgewood blue. The stuff lifts up and I am forever tacking it down with epoxy. Tacky much? I'm digging the idea of lavender carpet . . . or tiffany blue . . . just saying!

  2. Ooooh, Tiffany.... will check that out!

    That sticky stuff sounds a nightmare to look after!


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