Tuesday, June 16, 2009

to doodle doodle do

For some reason, between yesterday and today, strange things have been afoot. For example, yesterday, if you'd asked me, I would have said I had things pretty well under control for my interstate visitors. Today, when I'm leaving to pick my mum and step-dad up at 1pm from the airport, I'll actually realise that there's a helluva lot to do before they get there.

The sheets for the guest bed are in the washing machine - and will be going in the dryer as it's raining. The guest room needs a good straightening after the sleepover on the weekend. There's paper ALL over the house as my husband's been working on three years worth of my tax for the past week. {I know, a shocker, shan't be doing that again}

So, a plan's in order. I'm going to quickly wash my hair and then start in the kitchen and work my way back through the house. 15 minutes full-on tidying in each room should do it - leaving me free to have a coffee before I leave.

Ready? Set...


  1. Good luck! I always leave everything to the last minute before we have guests, too, and in the end usually just say stuff it, they're here to see me, not my house.

  2. Exactly! However, 'luckily' their plane's been delayed by three hours, so all's well!


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