Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tv times

I've always been addicted to television. Even as a youth I spent a disturbing amount of time glued to the screen - not that I can work out how as my brother and I were out riding our bikes or roller skates until the streetlights came on every day after school.

I'm still addicted. Last night I was squirming in anticipation of MasterChef followed by Talking Bout Your Generation {mainly so I can be a smug girly swot and answer every question correctly - that's my kinda show} and rounding off my evening with Australia's Next Top Model. They're a treat for all the senses.

So it's no surprise our daughter's also a fan of the box - but of course, these days, with Foxtel any time's children's programing hour. She's still active, gets all her homework done, plays with friends, so really, I can't see why I should stop her. TV hasn't rotted her brain, turned her into a brat or distracted her from any other childish pursuits. And hey, when she grows up she too can be a pop culture show-off and be the team member all trivia teams fight over.

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  1. Because. The 'good parent brigade' has convinced us that anytime we put our kids in front of the tv, we're making them fatsos who have autism and serious attitude problems. Eva watches a bit of tv everyday, but frankly, half the time she's playing, coloring, or reading while watching and sometimes she needs a break from reality too. Plus, there are times when I just need to get stuff done sans constant interruption. I refuse to feel guilty over that fact.


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