Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the way to a man's heart...

Those of us who love to cook agree that there's nothing better than the sight of someone obviously enjoying the fruits of your labours in the kitchen. I've always thought that there was more than a degree of truth to the adage, a way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and now it's been confirmed.

Undoubtedly the most unexpected sex symbol to have taken many hearts firmly is his grasp is MasterChef judge and food critic Matt Preston. Now, I'm always a fan of the Oscar Wilde floppy hair brigade, so he already had a point in his favour. And, must say, a snazzy dresser with individual style will also catch my eye. When I found out that he started wearing cravats at 18 to cover his lovebites, the sense of the bad boy appealed, but oh my, his passion for food? That closes the deal.

Most fans will have viewed the video ode to Matt, and nodded their heads in agreement, sighing all the way through. I don't think he's quite inspired Robert Pattinson rioting in the street levels yet, but I imagine anyone finding themselves in a restaurant in the vicinity of Mr Preston would soon uncover scenes akin to the time Samantha goes to seduce Smith at Raw, competing with many lascivious women licking their lips, revealing more cleavage and enticingly biting on asparagus.

I wonder if he's free for dinner any time soon? I'll happily import a container of truffles for his masticating pleasure...


  1. that's so funny! my 3 yr old woke up this morning and asked if we could watch Masterchef!! :)

  2. My daughter's obsessed with the show, but at nine, that's more expected. How cute is your little one!


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