Thursday, June 04, 2009

what's for dinner?

Menu planning has made my life sooooooo much easier. After taking my daughter for an x-ray this afternoon I was able to call in at the butcher for tonight's lamb backstraps {served with braised french lentils and pumpkin mash} and also buy some mince for tomorrow night's spaghetti and meatballs {think I'll do them in the slow cooker - how nice will my house smell tomorrow night!}

Honestly, I swear that the thing I loathe most about cooking regular meals is thinking about what to cook, so having a menu plan, shopping once at the supermarket for the essentials and buying fresh meat and some veg from my locals butcher and fruit and veg store is utterly blissful. And I'm sure I'm saving a bucketload by not calling in for one or two items at Coles and walking out $60 poorer!


  1. Monday we had honey mustard pork chops, butterflied and broiled, with awesomel.y good roasted brussels sprouts. Tuesday night, of course I had prenatal drama, so Nolan and Eva ate left over bbq, potato salad, and watermelon from our Sunday bbq while I ate saltines and fell into bed. Last night was steaks, succotash (recipe will be up today), tomato salad, cornbread, and almond cake. Tonight is grilled chicken in a chipotle marinade with grilled corn. Tomorrow night, may either be a leftovers night or a spaghetti or taco night. Menus rock!

  2. That smacks of having to be organised though...I'm more of a wing it (and spend the extra $60...oops!)


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