Friday, July 24, 2009

absolute essentials

Well, my gal's at the movies with two of her besties, I've sent off both pieces of work due for today, there's washing on the line and now I can choose one essential task to cross off the "should-do" list. I have my essentials {washing clothes and dishes, cooking, shopping} and anything else in the household arena comes after the essentials and my work is done. Sure, that means that I currently have dustbunnies the size of tumbleweeds rolling down my hall, but, really, it's not going to kill us. {well, maybe if we had serious allergies, which we don't...}

So now, my task of choice is to tidy up that which poses a health hazzard {magazines on the floor - husband, I'm looking at you!} and then vacuum. If I'm so inclined I might give the sink and toilet a quick spritz, and then a cup of tea, a spot of afternoon cooking shows, and then a wander to the butcher to pick up my special fresh chicken mince I ordered for tonight's meatballs.

My home's not spotless, but really, isn't life about priorities? Chatting with a friend this morning cemented this. When you've got a lot going on you can't possibly do everything, which can get you so down you end up doing nothing. So my motto is to choose something, do it well, and the rest? Shrug my shoulders and say "what the hell..."

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