Monday, July 13, 2009

ahhhh, that's better

Our gal's 'new' wardrobe was delivered this morning bright and early at 9am - and by 10am it was in her room. Poor delivery blokes. It's a solid number, I'm thinking oak - and as you can see, it's a whopper. To get it in through the narrow hallway required removing the top {easy - just lifted off}, the base {not-so-easy - the former owners had screwed the base on with plenty of two-inch screws} and a door {100-odd-year-old screws + rust + paint = a helluva job}. Then there was a lot of shuffling, paint scratching, back-breaking work until finally it was in.

Our daughter's in love - even though a few bits of paint have come off. We cleaned it inside and out with a vinegar, bi-carb, hot water and lavender oil mixture and it's sparkly clean. As you can see the Miley Cyrus posters are already on the side - and it's now filled with all her clothes.

Doesn't it just look like it was made for that spot in her room? The delivery guys said that if we decide to get rid of it - not to call them! But it's a keeper. Now the shelves are lined with pretty-scented paper all we need to do is create a little lavender bundle to tie in a sprig and hang from the rail.

That's one room in the house finished.



  1. I bought a pink H&M wool skirt last week from my local op shop and thought it was the find of the century, but this one's a bigger winner I think. Really gorgeous.

  2. looks lovely - could you post pictures of the whole room now its finished? pretty please!!!!

  3. Will do Amanda - once I tidy away the last dribbles of bitsy stuff that needs to go somewhere.

    Oh and PTT, that skirt sounds lovely. Why would anyone shop anywhere but at op-shops?


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