Thursday, July 02, 2009

andelay, andelay...

Just had a speedy gonzales moment. I've been a bit slooooooow after my migraine on Tuesday, so I needed to catch-up, quick-smart. At 2pm I sat down and came up with the week's menu, wrote a shopping list and was out the door by 2.10pm. I zoomed through the supermarket, bought a week's worth of ingredients, even stopping to chat to my great Aunt who I haven't seen for yonks, and I was at the school gate ready to pick up my daughter at 2.50pm. Ahh, the joys of living centrally.

This week we're eating:

Tonight: Shepherds pie and veg
Friday: Spanish chicken with rice {we didn't get around to this last week}
Saturday: Lamb shanks, mash and peas {inspired by last night's MasterChef}
Sunday: Roast beef and vegies
Monday: Chorizo pasta bake
Tuesday: Pork cutlets and veg
Wednesday: Provencal chicken {my daughter's new fave!]

Off to start frying off some veg and simmering the lamb mince for the pie. I love mine slowly simmered for a few hours before topping with mash and baking.

Excuse me, salivating.


  1. You're going to have to write about the chorizo pasta bake recipe. I must confess, a lot of chorizo pasta dishes I've had have ended as horrid FAILS, so I'm interested to hear about yours because, well, it's probably flipping awesome! xoxo!

  2. This was actually a RECIPE - I know, I don't normally do recipes... But I'll find it and post it because it was fabuloso.


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