Friday, July 10, 2009

calling my name

Sometimes you'll spy something so amazing, so once-in-a-lifetime, so incredible on just so many levels that you just have to buy it.

Today, this was mine.

Yep, a Barbara Cartland cookbook.

It works on many levels. It's pretty. It's pretty kitsch. It's hilarious and, surprisingly, it has a few interesting recipes...

Now, I shan't be styling my veal provencale with a range of ceramic figurines and a multitude of flowers, however, chances are that I will be serving it.

See, I've always had a wee soft spot for Barbara Cartland. I loved how she lolled on a chaise and narrated her romance tales. I thought it was magnificent that she always wore pink. I think it's admirable that she was so dedicated to her look - even into her dotage.

There's nothing like a Dame...


  1. I know! How could I leave it behind? And only $3 - I've got $20 worth of value just gazing adoringly at it!


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