Tuesday, July 07, 2009

eat up

This week we'll be noshing on the following:

Tuesday: Chicken and prosciutto sausages, mashed pumpkin, roasted kumera and broccolini

Wednesday: Slow cooked bolognaise

Thursday: Steak, red wine and shallot jus, pumpkin mash and wilted spinach

Friday: MasterChef lamb kofta pizza thingy with salad

Saturday: Beef stroganoff with buttered noodles and brussel sprouts with almonds

Sunday: Lemon and thyme roasted chicken and veg

Monday: Enchilladas


  1. I was going to have a crack at the lamb pizza kofta thingy too - I will wait to see how you go and get any hints and tips you have! You eat so well - I got hungry just thinking about them all...

  2. It's actually a beef kofta looking at the MasterChef site - but we're already eating a tonne of beef... Surely it'd work just as well with lamb... Or I'll swap beef stroganoff to a lamb dish.
    I'll be sure to post any tips once I've made it.

  3. Sounds delish. I can't wait until I need to do menu plans - only a few months to go...


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