Friday, July 03, 2009

frugal friday

Yesterday, as I mentioned, I did my speed grocery shop - but I didn't zoom past the bargains. Instead, what I did was change my mindset from Top Shelf Gal, to Bottom Shelf Browser. See, I've always been one to go for the top shelf spirits in a bar. I'll go for Grey Goose vodka over Karloff anyday. However, now I'm an economista, I'm hunting down low for my bargains, cos, you know, in the supermarket those products at ankle-level are where bargains are to be had. I only spent $60 yesterday on my staples {because I'm buying my meat from the butcher} but I do believe I saved around $10 by buying bottom-shelf items.

Making friends with your butcher is also the best way to be frugal. We're having spanish chicken tonight, so I bought a Lillydale free range chicken from my butcher and asked him to cut it into portions for me - which he did, at no extra cost. Plus, because I'm a regular, I didn't even have to ask him and he kept the bones aside for me to use as stock! Now, confession time, I've never made stock - I'm a buy it in a carton gal. However, because I use so much stock in my cooking it's time to knuckle down and bring out the boiler. I've got all the basic ingredients on standby so I'll mix up a batch and freeze some in cleaned milk bottles.

I'm also going cold-turkey and buying absolutely no pre-made cleaners - so no multi-purpose sprays, bathroom cleaners, floor cleaners... nothing. Instead, I'm going to use the bottles, pour in a quarter white vinegar, a few teaspoons of bi-carb soda and top it up with warm water. I'll give it a shake and then add a few drops of lavender oil and a drop or two of tea tree oil to disinfect. Effective, smells purdy, and the costs are minimal {I estimate around 20 cents per container - much cheaper than your spray and wipe!}

My work-chasing has been successful too which makes me happy. Between getting new work, and cutting back on expenditure we'll be debt-free and saving in no time.


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