Friday, July 10, 2009

frugal friday

Going through our budget recently, I realised how little give there is in some places when you've already trimmed all the visible fat. See I already wash all my clothes in cold water, using half the recommended amount of washing liquid, with a full load, on the economy cycle and then I hang them on the line to dry. I've also nixed the pre-stain sprays, instead I've got a lovely cake of sunlight soap that I dampen and rub over any stains {it's a miracle worker - and smells so purdy}.

With the electrics I turn everything off at the wall when I'm not using it - including the microwave and dvd so I'm not wasting electricity showing a clock I don't need. And lights are always switched off when we're not in the room {and now, at night when we're watching tv, even the living room lights are switched off}.

That said, I'm not going to give up just because things are not immediately obviously. Frugality requires thought. Whenever I do something I'm going to work out if there's a more frugal alternative: if I can mend it rather than replace it, if I really, really need it, or if I can wait till it's on-sale to buy it.

We've also got enough clothes in our closets to see us through this season - so there's no need to buy anything new. And, going alcohol-free this month really has to be having an impact on our expenditure {must say, those wine racks in my pantry are still nicely full after last month's Dan Murphy's run!}

Slowly does it...


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  2. Make the outgoing message on your voice-mail the engaged tone. They think you're busy and you don't have to return the call.

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