Friday, July 31, 2009

frugal friday

Around about this time I'd quite like to fall over a wee bag of money of the footpath. I'm doing the whole frugal thing quite nicely, but, man, the bills! Since starting back at school our gal's come home with four different notes for incursions and excursions - all requiring cashola to be handed over. Which I do. Plus we got our first winter electricity bill, with me working at home every day {with air con on most days...} and the pool filter and in-floor cleaning thing happening. It was a bit of an ouchy bill... And let's not even talk about the testra bill that I've been dealing with for two months - and still hasn't been resolved. Anyone recommend another phone company? Anyone?

Next week I'm going on-line and hunting down the best option for my phone. I'm thinking about stripping back my plan to the most basic - what's the point in getting 50 free calls if I only make 40 calls per month? I need to do some serious comparisons and cut my costs way, way down. And then? Well, next stop is to find two new sources of income - you can't coast along when you're a freelancer - always pays to stay a step ahead!

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