Sunday, July 05, 2009

good gone bad

Why is that sometimes doing something good can make you feel so bad? Just now I decided to give the bathroom a quick spruce, you know, cos it's been a while, and, um, how did I not notice how gross is actually was in there? I felt like I was in the 'before' scene from How Clean Is Your House. I knew I had "A little" mould in the shower recess, but when I actually got it there and sprayed it realised that it was "A little" in the same way that Johnny Depp is a little bit delicious. Hmmmmm.

So I attacked it with the white vinegar, bi-carb, water and lavender mix and left it to soak in while I vacuumed the eight thousand dustbunnies breeding on every floorboard in my home. I came back, scrubbed it with my grout brush, rinsed it off and all better now. Phew. How did I let it reach such a state and why haven't I been more persistent in my hunt for Oil Of Cloves - guaranteed mould inhibitor which will stop the damned stuff growing back.

I'm not letting it bug me though. Now it's all pristine and on Monday I'm going to track down every chemist that said they had Oil of Cloves on order and make sure I buy some. Then it's straight into a spray bottle with some water and will be slooshed liberally over my bathroom and anywhere else that harbours mould.

Now I'm off to brown off some lamb shanks. As I had a few extras I've invited the in-laws for dinner. Lamb shanks, mash, greens and chocolate fondant for pudding {but I'm only calling it fondant if Gordon Ramsay's recipe is a success. Knowing my hot as hades oven I'll be calling it Chocolate Pudding and serving it with a dob of delicious double cream!


  1. I bought the last bottle of oil of cloves from my chemist this afternoon- I was wondering how to use it as it's a tiny bottle.

    It is very hard to find isn't it? I tried quite a few places before grabbing it today.

    Dinner sounds wonderful!

  2. Just a few drops of oil of cloves in water does the trick apparently.

    Dinner was divine and the fondants were a gooey success - will be posting the recipe later.


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