Wednesday, July 01, 2009

head space

I spent the whole day in bed yesterday... with a migraine. A killer migraine. Ouch. So I'm spending today in a spacey-kinda headspace, plodding through things I need to do. Slooooooowly.


  1. i hate migraines. i had one the other night and they just turn me into a monster.

    iv luckily worked my triggers out - stress is a main one for me and lights - and if i catch them i take 3 panadol.

    if not i have to take panafen plus [which knocks me out for 8hrs] - i recommend that as i find i need to be knocked out otherwise they wont go. longest iv had one for is a week. painful as.

    hope it goes soon x

  2. Thanks Carly Grace - yep, for me it's stress that sets it off every time. I ignored my warning signs though, and suffered - I had fireworks of pain this time. Today's just foggy, fuggy and yucky.

    I tend to take Mersyndol, which knocks me out too - I slept the whole day away thank goodness.

    Will take it easy from now on - and take drugs at the first warning sign!

  3. oh poor thing, I get them too & love the panafen or nurofen PLUS! it's a little hard to stay in bed though when I get one as 2 lil monkeys want me to play with me.
    hope you feel less foggy soon.


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