Friday, July 10, 2009

love it, loathe it

Bethwyn, over at compiled a wee list of 15 things she loves and loathes, and we share quite a few. Here's mine - wanna play?

Loathe {I always start with the bad first, so you end up with a nice taste at the end...}
1. Rudeness - seriously, no excuse.
2. Lack of courtesy - similar to number one, but more ignorant than arrogant.
3. Getting manic and in a tizz when I'm stressed and busy.
4. Dirty jobs - toilet cleaning, bin emptying, recycling rinsing - erk.
5. Headaches - sinus, migraine, computer-induced - headaches seem to be my natural state lately and I'm not happy about it!
6. Fickle weather - ominous grey skies stop me from washing - and then, suddenly, blue and gorgeous!
7. Wastage - I can't bear it when I have to throw out food that I forgot to use before its use by date.
8. Shelling out money for nothing - telstra line rental - I'm looking at you
9. Poor service and workmanship. See, when I work, no matter who for, I do my absolute best job. It's complete and the best possible job I can do. So many people can't seem to say that. Why?
10. Lack of response. I work from home and send my completed work, invoices and story proposals via email. If I don't get a response, I worry that it wasn't received, re-send a few days later and generally stressed. I'm not asking for a thesis in return - just a 'got it, thanks'.
11. Jealousy. Hideous emotion and one I'm glad I don't experience. Envy? Hell yeah, just not jealousy.
12. Bitchiness - move on people.
13. Nasty commenters on blogs and sites. Seriously the hatred some reality contestants have directed their way? Scares me.
14. My innate laziness. I'll sit at my desk for ages thinking how thirsty I am, but it's only when I think I hear my brain cells popping from dehydration that I'll actually get up.
15. Hatred. Yep, hate it.

1. My family. Adore my husband, have been blessed with the best daughter in the world, have a crazy but cute kitty. Extended family are all fabulous too. Yep. Lucky.
2. Netball. Love playing it, adore coaching it.
3. Scented flowers - make my life sweeter.
4. Reality TV - sure, I'm a loser, but I'm addicted to the stuff
5. Food - cooking it, eating it, thinking about it, planning meals, serving it up... love it.
6. The beach. Early in the morning, midday, at dusk, at night - what a spectacular place.
7. Pegging fresh washing on the line.
8. Pretty painted toenails.
9. My friends - they're the best.
10. Discovering the world of blogs, honestly, where have you been all my life.
11. Coffee. Sigh...
12. Paris - and plotting to go there again.
13. Sweet old couples holding hands {even if they are just doing it to stop from falling over - still cute}
14. Reading. Books have long been my passion.
15. Anticipation. Five more sleeps till Harry Potter!


  1. I totally laughed at the Telstra line rental and the old people holding hands to stop falling over!

    Thanks for playing :)

  2. I know - I totally used to go all misty-eyed and 'aw bless' at old people holding hands - till I realised that there were plenty of them doing it - and it's more of a safety issue than affection happening. {still cute though!}


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