Tuesday, July 07, 2009

music is my life

One of my 'special skills' is that I have a song for every moment. It entertains my daughter no end that if she mentions a word, then I can pretty much burst into a song from the 70s, 80s or 90s to match it.

I even used music back in my toddler taming days.

One day my daughter may need therapy, but luckily, even now she can look back and laugh. See, the other day, we were in a store {Laura Ashley actually} when a song came on {as they do} and my gal looked at me and said "Why do I know this song?" I smiled and said "Wait till the chorus." Sure enough within minutes she'd burst out laughing and said, "It's tragedy!" Yep, this is the tale of how the Bee Gees helped with toddler tantrums... {And nope, it didn't involve threatening her with men in tight, gold suits - how hysterical is this shot? And believe me, there weren't a dearth to choose from!}

I used to deal with tantrums with a mix of 'ignore it and it'll go away' and 'selected hits from the 70s'. The first case involved a memorable trip around Coles, where my daughter tried her first {and last} throw herself at my feet screaming about something-or-other. At this I simply moved a few metres up the aisle and ignored her. She of course, noticed, got up, moved, and, again, flung herself at my feet. We repeated this little vignette for a few aisles until eventually she tired, and, thank god, we've never had another incident.

But sometimes, a musical option was called for. See, whenever she thought things were particularly unfair, I'd burst into the chorus of the Bee Gees Tragedy. Loudly. And sure enough, it'd stop her. So much so that after a while, as soon as she saw me taking a deep breath way into my diaphragm she'd say, "Noooooooooo, my not want Tragedy..." and that'd put an end to that episode. {my not was her cute-as-a-box-of-kittens way of saying I don't. Bless}

So thanks Barry, Robin, and Maurice. I had no need for the naughty step, or spanking, just a set of lungs and an inability to ever feel embarrassed...


  1. That is FABULOUS! And I shall be trying at the next chance I have (which will be no doubt 5 mins after I get home tonight).

  2. I was pretty lucky with my gal, but it did work - and it cheers you up no end too which always helps to defuse the situations!

  3. I don't have any kids, so haven't tried the 'singing-as-punishment' option but will definitley give it a go when I have kids!
    I do drive my husband nuts bursting into song at the smallest reminder of a tune. He says something, and it only needs to be one word from a song, but I'll start singing!

  4. I can also see this working a treat in the teenage years "You're not going out in that" could be accompanied by a singing mother, following said child into Blue Light Disco... Ah.
    Mrs P, we sound like kindred spirits - I too drove hubby mad with that - before having child to work on

  5. I think so!
    I got it from my Mum...she would do the same thing and we would walk around the supermarket late at night singing our hearts out to the music they had on! Got a few funny looks that's for sure!


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