Wednesday, July 22, 2009

naughty nigella

Well, I had my menu plan all set - until I sat down with a cup of tea to watch Nigella and promptly changed my mind. Now, because of Nigella, we're having Chicken Pot Pies for dinner rather than pork fillets.

Must say, pot pies are the perfect way to get a pastry fix, particularly when served in ramekins with only a circle of pastry on top.

Onions, garlic and pancetta are fried in oil till golden. Then toss chunks of 6 - 8 chopped chicken thighs in a ziplock bag with 2 1/2 tablespooons of flour and some dried thyme. Add this to the pan with a nob of butter, give it a stir till flour is cooked out then add around 375ml of chicken stock. Stir, then pour into ramekins and top with a round of puff pastry {with a few fork holes poked in the top} brush liberally with egg wash, sprinkle with salt flakes and bake at 200 degrees celcius till golden {20 mins-ish}.



  1. I'm a big fan of pot pies, you can pack flavour into the contents and it takes a lot less time! My girls love the pastry on top and I use cookie cutters to put their initials or shapes or something for fun.

    I did a little post today about lamb balti pies with a pumpkinpotato top... should do my shepherds pie the same actually!

  2. I made little lovehearts on the top with the leftover pastry - such a girl...

    I loved the look of your lamb balti pies too!


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