Thursday, July 09, 2009

oh honey, no

Here's the thing. When you're on a national television program, one that's alllllll about fashion, it's a good idea not to insult the fashion mentor on the first episode.

I had hopes for the ol' Amber Renae at first. She seemed cute, and wore fluffy jackets. However, her opening lines killed it for me "I like a bit of bling". Aaaarrrggghhhh - that word - aren't we over that word yet? Then, as her portfolio flashed on the screen an image of either Paris Hilton or her doppleganger appeared.

Oh honey, no.

Her hot pink and black dress was a disaster and Henry, in his gorgeous, kind, experienced manner expressed concern that it'd be bulky and unflattering. Amber Renae's to-camera response "Obviously the bandage dress is a bit fashion forward for Henry."


Oh honey, no.

Comparing the exquisite Herve Leger bandage dress, with its impeccable tailoring, miracle fabrics and all-round gorgeousity to, that creature you flung on your poor model is just wrong.

My faves for now? Kelly {her comment that her butt is the price she pays for her boobs was priceless}, Anthony, and a few others whose names have yet to imprint themselves on my brain. Some frocky horrors on that episode though! And a few glimpses of genius...


  1. I know, she's going to be the frockshockjock of this season think - that 'creation' last night I have likened to the result of vomiting a choose life shirt, fluro socks and matching tube skirt circa 1985.

    I wince to wonder what she'll come up next week - it's beyond me why she wasn't in the bottom two this week - the sequinned supremes number was better than that 'thing'.

  2. I loved that comment! I tried to say so a few times on your blog- but it wouldn't let me comment! Seems a few blogs are having issues with that today.

    She's the frocky horror alright....


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