Tuesday, July 21, 2009

simple tastes

After spending our long weekend away cooking the meals each night {as the weekend was my mother-in-law's birthday pressie I wanted her to totally relax} we got home last night, after six hours on the road, and I was after simplicity for our meal. So, I had a packet of spaghettini, some pesto-marinated-feta bought in Mudgee and some chorizo in the fridge {now it's a staple!}

I cooked up the spaghettini till just before al-dente, sauteed some slices of chorizo and then tossed the pasta with a spoonful of cooking water in the frypan with the crispy chorizo. I then broke up some of the feta, tossed it in with a little of the oil and pesto and shook the pan around to distribute it.

There: dinner's served.

On our weekend away I was thrilled to discover a big, fat, free-standing smeg oven in the kitchen, all shiny stainless-steel and cavernous space. So I knew I'd be cooking up in the oven on the first night. Off to the butcher and the grocer and I made a couple of shephard's pies with local lamb mince and topped with plenty of creamy mash. Served with some broccoli and sweet corn on the side. MMMmmmm.

Day two saw us head to the Farmer's Markets, in search of a fat pig - which we found in the local Ormiston Free Range pork. I bought a voluptuous shoulder and roasted it with plenty of root vegies that night, and sweet little bursts of peas. The pork was a lush, ruby red, with a rind that made the most crisp, sweet crackling. Oh my. Delish.

Sunday morning we had the eggs left by the owners of the cottage we rented, and, oh my. Blue and green perfect hen's eggs greeted me when I opened the carton - almost too pretty to crack. However, we'd also bought some pork chippolatas to have with scrambled eggs {and french sourdough toast - from a v popular stall at the markets...} so I cracked away. The richest, lushest yolks and whites greeted me - and made me yearn to make custard with such beauties. However, I do think the creamy scramble did them justice.

Sunday night was a lazy night in preparation for the MasterChef finale. I cheated and bought some King Island Gourmet Beef pies which I served with mash, gravy, peas, corn and broccoli. And, hello, for a cheating meal it was damned fine.

I reluctantly bade farewell to my mega smeg, and came home to my standard-size number. But, realistically, with a family of three it'd be tough to justify losing cupboard space for the extra oven-width. However, for a butler's sink I'd happily skim a few inches from a cupboard or two...


  1. No I am officially starving! Sounds like a delicious weekend away...you are a girl after my own heart with all that talk of pork products!

  2. And by no, OF COURSE I meant now. As I said, starving and not paying attention to spelling...

  3. Actually, it still made sense - kinda like, yes, I am officially starving - but more urgent!

    And, mmmm, pork.

  4. Yum!!

    I have a butlers pantry and am so annoyed I thought it was over the top to put in a butlers sink- if only I could go back in time when it would be way cheaper to do so!

  5. I have the butler's pantry too Aneets - but I want my sink way out in the open where I can continually admire its beauty!


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