Tuesday, July 07, 2009

sizzlin' sausages

My husband's special dinner request was for proscuitto-wrapped chicken sausages - which were delish. So now I'm going to share the love - and the recipe...

500g chicken mince
zest and juice of half a lemon
a couple of finely sliced garlic cloves
around a cup of chopped italian parsley
salt and pepper
an egg
1 slice of wholegrain bread, grated

8 - 10 slices proscuitto

Combine all ingredients except prosciutto in a bowl and mix well. Form into sausage shapes and place in a container before refrigerating for around 30 minutes. Take out, roll the sausages completely in a slice of proscuitto {do it on an angle so it's completely enclosed} and then grill them, turning till crispy and browned and firm.


My daughter loved these - even with the strong lemon flavour. She did a MasterChef taste test while eating, and managed to get all the ingredients except egg and breadcrumbs {and who'd taste those?}. Served with rich orange pumpkin mash, crisp sweet potato rounds and lightly steamed spears of broccolini I feel this was the perfect balance of healthy and tasty...

Now, to master that lamb dish they just cooked on MasterChef.


  1. They sound quite fabulous and I think they might just get a run in our house sometime this week - thanks!

  2. They're soooo yummy. I like a lot of lemon though, so you might tone that considering what your family are like. My daughter gobbled them down though and normally she doesn't like too much lemon.


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