Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sounds of silence

My gal's at her grandparents today after having a sleepover last night, so my house is eerily quiet for a school holiday. Strangely, even though I didn't have to, I woke early and was sitting at my computer at 8am {well, early for me!}

I've got bucketloads of work to do today while I'm on my own. Four jobs on deadline for Thursday. Yep, four. I'm the original gal who can't say no - but I love being busy.

We're off on a four-day-break on Friday morning, up to Mudgee with the in-laws. Can't wait. Although last night had an awful thought that ye-olde-homestead in Mudgee might not have channel 10 for the finale of MasterChef!!!! I think we'll be sending a frantic email and if not, putting on our thinking caps {local pub screening it perhaps? Motel room???}

Can't say I was sorry to see Lucas go last night. Serving up two pies, savoury and sweet, that looked identically crap... well, not the final week of MasterChef is it? I've now come to terms with the fact that the Australian MasterChef really only shares a name with it's English cousin. We're not seeing cooking anything like that calibre - although there's a few contestants whose restaurants I'll be visiting.

Tonight, in honour of last night, I might cook a pie... Julia's duck and red wine pie perhaps. Oh, and if I were on MasterChef know what I would have cooked last night? Venison, rosemary and beetroot pie with a blood orange meringue pie for sweets. Yum.

Okay, time to settle down to work now. I've already had two double shots of coffee this morning - should propel me nicely into achievement...

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