Tuesday, July 21, 2009

time-saving tuesday

Even though I work from home, I still like to be a bit stepfordy around the home, so I'm always looking at ways to trim time from my tasks. And I thought I might start sharing the love. Sometimes the simplest things evade our notice. I know that I used to think that menu-planning was for weirdos with too much time on their hands and a lack of creativity. Now, I see it as quite possibly the best invention ever {yep, topping the wheel, fire, iMacs, television...}

So that's number one on my list: here's number two. I remember years ago going to a friend's house who had three kids under five and being amazed when I noticed her washing line. She had a fabulous old silver hills hoist and on three of the quarters were hung particular items of clothing - each child had a section completely dedicated them. I quickly wrote that off as far-too-much-trouble. However, lately, in an effort to stem my moving various piles of washing from one flat surface to another - but rarely the correct surface {which would be inside the proper drawer or on the correct hanger} I decided to take in the washing in a certain order: my gal's clothes, my clothes and hubby's clothes: and a certain manner according to drawer or wardrobe space {socks and underwear, tops, pants, etc}.

Now, this sounds insane, however, it means that because I fold when I take it off the line, I have to merely take the basket into my daughter's room and then our room, and remove the clothing straight into the correct spot. A little bit of time out in the sunshine of the backyard spent sorting, means less time putting away {my most-loathed of task}. And I reckon I'm getting a wee bit of incidental exercise with that moving around {however, if I had a lovely spinning Hills Hoist I'd just have to spin it - easy-peasy}.

So now, it's 4.43pm and all the clothes from our holiday are washed and packed away - not sitting in teetering piles all over the house. This takes me to a happy place!


  1. Hehehe, I thought I was the only one...

  2. I already do this, I always though I was just OCD.

    I even put socks etc up on the line in paairs etc so that saves time in the long run.

    I have been known to rearrange the way my hubby has put the clothes up because it's not grouped correctly!

  3. I've always been ridiculously particular in my hanging of clothing {inside out so they don't fade, clothing hung with pegs under the armpits - so you don't see any peg marks - with matching pegs that coordinate with clothes...that's just for aesthetics...} Nice to see others share some of those quirks!

  4. Oh new crazy hints and tips - love it! I too thought I was the only one that matches pegs to clothes (it just looks better) and socks together (of course!) and also puts each person's clothes together. I will also admit that I, just on the weekend, re-hung out the way my husband had hung out the clothes - BUT in my defence how will they ever dry when they are all clumped together with just one unmatched peg in the middle?!


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