Tuesday, July 28, 2009

time-saving tuesday

Hey, I'm back-ish... Went to Sydney yesterday for a meeting, and managed to slip in a wee spot of shopping while I was there. Went to two op-shops and got myself some fabbo books - and a 1950s Vogue dress pattern that's just got to be the makings of a party frock for moi. However, all said shopping and meetings have left me with a wee sore head. Ouch. Went back to bed for an hour, until a knocking at the door disturbed me {not enough to get up to answer it, just enough to decide to get up...}

So, onto time-saving Tuesday. I'm a huge, huge, huge fan of to-do lists. I've got 'em all over the house and on my computer, however, I've learned the ultimate trick in getting your to-do list done. Only have three items {MAX} on your to-do list for the day. That's it - three - no more. I know, of course you've got heaps more things you should do - but just write down the things you MUST DO.

See, what you need is a couple of lists: daily, weekly, monthly and long-term. Work out what you need to do over the long-term and then order each item in terms of how life-savingly important it is. If you have 20 items on your to-do list you'll only get through a few and will then feel crap, before transporting them onto tomorrow's list of 20 things, that you won't get through...

So, do this. Write three achievable things on your list today, cross 'em off - and feel fan-fabu-tastic about it. You'll save time by not faffing about in a stress about all the things you've got to do, and shall feel calm, cool and in-control.


  1. i like the achievable 3!
    i can definitely do that :)
    hope you're having a good day.

  2. Oh, I love lists. 3 sounds like a good idea. I'm always guilty of overloading my lists.

  3. Oh I dig a good list. I have a number happening at the same time. Today was a good list day too. Even if it was a monster.

    High five to op shopping!

  4. Only 3 things? That freaks the multitasker in me out. I forever have lists everywhere in this house, on every surface, pretty much. I send Nolan out the door with at least two lists a day. I doubt I could function without lists, frankly.


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