Thursday, July 30, 2009

what we're eating this week

Meant to post this yesterday, but blogger wouldn't let me post! So here's our meals for the next week. I've got two new recipes - tonight's stir-fry and tomorrow night's slow-braised chicken dish. Tragically I do need a recipe for stir-fry as I'm just crap at the damned things - but I know they're {meant to be} simple and healthy. Let's hope this one's a success!

Thursday: beef, broccoli and almond stir-fry
Friday: slow-braised chicken in white wine
Saturday: parmesan crumbed pork cutlets with mashed pumpkin and steamed mix greens
Sunday: seven hour roast lamb with roasted veg
Monday: vegetarian frittata with salad
Tuesday: lamb chops with roasted potato chips, vichy carrots and mushy peas
Wednesday: beef casserole in the slow cooker

My gal and I have been watching Maeve O'Meara's {sp?} Food Safari every night on Lifestyle Food this week and it's utterly fascinating. We're learning so much about different cultures it's impressive. Now that my gal wants to be a chef {like most Aussie kids thanks to MasterChef} she's all culinarily-inspired. So we're going to seek out recipes from the cuisines we've followed {Sri Lankan, Brazillian and Hungarian so far} and try out new tastes and recipes. I'll also take her to the Asian food supermarket down in the west-end - that'll be an experience for her!

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