Wednesday, July 22, 2009

what's cookin' wednesday

Now I'm back on track and ready to make a meal plan for the next week. It's a bit of a crazy week as I'm away on Sunday night and not back till late Monday, so hubby will be cooking for two of those days and we're off to a friend's for dinner on Saturday night where I'm just bringing a plate of nibbles. Here's what we're eating in between:

Wednesday, pork fillets wrapped in prosciutto and baked on a bed of rhubarb, served with broccolini and sweet potato chips {this is in a book I bought on hols - possible Jamie - found for half price in a wee shop in Gulgong - buy of the trip!}
Thursday: Beef stew, colcannon and green beans
Friday: Baked chicken meatballs with linguine
Saturday: dinner at our friends' - need to think of tasty nibbles to whip up
Sunday: I'm away, so no roast, steak and veg will make my hubby happy
Monday: Spaghetti bolognaise for when I schlep off the train, all tired and hungry
Tuesday: Chicken noodle soup {my gal's special request}


  1. Hey I like the sound if the chicken meatballs dish. Any chance of popping the recipe up on PPMJ ... or providing a link?
    :) NJ

  2. Sure, um, I'll be making it up though, so I'll post it after it's a success!


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