Friday, July 10, 2009

why thanks karma, don't mind if I do

Hey, you know how I've been doing about a gazzilion drop-offs at the Salvos lately? Well, even though I've been looking around, I haven't really found anything to buy, so I knew I was building up some good shopping karma. And oh boy, did I.

See my daughter's in desperate need of a new wardrobe. She currently has the old family 1930s lowboy, which we painted, popped on pretty decals and spruced up with new handles, but still, it's too small for a nine-year-old with a love of pretty frocks {have no idea where she gets that from...}

So yesterday, as I was dropping off a load of fabbo kid's books, I took a look around and had my breath subsequently stolen by a jaw-droppingly gorgeous Edwardian three door wardrobe. Not only did it have pretty lines, gorgeous girly carvings and the perfect space - it'd already been painted in antique white and had pretty pink crystal handles.


And, so crazily cheap.

So this morning I measured up her wall and dashed down hoping it was still there, which it was. Plus, it fitted perfectly - made for the space. I called hubby and he dashed down, only to exclaim that it was perfect and I was a shopping genius {I read that genius bit between the lines mind.}

So we bought it and it's getting delivered on Monday. So freakin' excited.

Oh, and I bought something else amazing too - but it needs photos to do it justice, so lunch, coffee, happy snaps and another post to follow!

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