Tuesday, August 25, 2009

belle fleurs

There were no ranunculas at the florist today, so I bought these pretty fragrant freesias instead. I love the way the white blooms are blushing with the faintest hint of lilac.

I popped them on my 1920s french cafe table in the baywindow of our bedroom for this shot as I adore how they look against the blue sky and the old lace of my curtains. However, I think I'm going to move them from room to room to be close to me at all stages of the day.

Everything goes better with some pretty and a delicious scent.


  1. Oh a freesia! How I LOVE them. To me, they are the essential sign that says spring is here! How did you sleep in those cotton sheets?!

  2. I wussed out on the sheets - luckily as the temperature plummeted with wild winds here last night. They're ready to go for tonight though (even if I have to throw another blanket over top!)


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