Wednesday, August 19, 2009

girl stuff

I think I'm getting more Parisian as I'm starting to feel rather erky if I'm not groomed. Now, I don't mean all neat and tidy, rather I need my hair to be washed, with the curls formed just-so. Without a pretty colour on my toes I feel nude, and I'm becoming quite the handcream lover.

I'm still pretty low-maintenance, but my new must-do indulgence is an eyelash tint. See, I have stubby little eyelashes thanks to years of abuse, and because I dye my hair black, my lashes don't quite match.

So this morning I toddled off to the beautician where for $20 I've given myself a good month-worth of blue-black lashes. That's only $5 per week people! You can't even buy two cups of coffee for that. Now all I need to do to feel presentable is slick on a coat on tinted lipgloss, sling some beads around my neck and that's it. Done.

That said, I could do with those gorgeous vintage shoes in the shot here.

Ahhh, 1920s Paris. J'adore...


  1. You are truly cute. You know that ? :P

  2. Does the eyelash tint make much of a difference? I always wondered about that. Negating the need for mascara would be fab.

  3. Thanks Liss x

    And yes, PTT, I reckon it does. I had blue-black tint and while they're not much longer, I do look awake!

  4. I found this photo through google and I must know where you originally found it! I want to make a pretty large canvas of it and I can't using such a small image! Please let me know!!


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