Friday, August 07, 2009

i'm making a list...

Today hubby and I had a sneaky long-weekend and decided to get in early and get some long-neglected jobs done around the house.

I sat down and wrote out a wish-list of tasks - depending on our mood and the weather and we got totally stuck in.

Excitingly, not only was I able to cross off SIX ITEMS, I was also able to retrospectively add another three items, and then cross them off {ah, nothing like retrospectively adding items to a to-do list to feel accomplished...

So now the magnolia trees in the courtyard are potted in their massive french urns. The roses are fertilised. The lilly pillies are trimmed and water crystals have been added to the soil. The side of the house which was flecked with concrete and crap after the backyard reno {ah, yes, the one that was completed in February. Shhh} has been scrubbed and chipped away with a paint scraper. Hubby's cleared even more of the side yard and a spot of weeding's been achieved. Oh, and I vacuumed the whole house and have managed to keep the kitchen in its pristine state for four whole days!

I reckon a cocktail's in order don't you?


  1. Great effort!!! It was the weather for it wasn't it!?

    Yes, a cocktail, or two, come join me with water crackers and cheese....

  2. Well done! Hubby and I did the same thing over Thursday, Friday and Saturday (we were on holidays) and suprisingly we got heaps done! We noe only have a few jobs left on the list and we're still motivated to get them done this weekend...let's see if it lasts!

    I too add items to lists retrospectively so I can cross them husband things I'm mad...I call optimistic thinking!


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